Without our valued staff we would not have a business. CCM employs 26 staff who all have a lifetime career in the motor trade. All of our staff specialise in niche areas leading to an ability to cater for all jobs large and small.

Our specialist automatic gearbox team extends to 6 of our employees, with some of our senior guys having over 40 years’ experience in automatic gearbox repair. The guys on this side of the team are the men of legend, who can disassemble an entire automatic gearbox, find an issue and repair it, and then have the ability to put the myriad of parts back in the correct sequence. Our diagnostic guys are focused on the ever evolving electronic controls in and around the modern car and its drive train, often at times the fix is electronic and not mechanical, but either way we can help.


  • Latest diagnostic equipment
  • Very experienced staff
  • A warm welcome
  • Skills and knowledge of 26 lifetime professionals
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