At CCM we understand that being without your car is a real inconvenience, that’s why we own and operate a fleet of over 15 courtesy vehicles. Our courtesy cars, and vans, are available at a small charge to all customers whose vehicles are with us for repair.

If you think you will need a courtesy car then its always best to book early so that we can guarantee you a vehicle. If you are under 21 and / or have been driving for less than 3 years then sadly we cannot offer you a courtesy car as our mean insurance company will not allow that.

Unfortunately, if you are over 80 then the insurance company again will not cover you, sorry. Courtesy cars do attract a daily charge that covers the costs of ownership and insurance, and we can assure you that the cost of our loan cars is much cheaper than a taxi.


  • Available at all sites
  • Insured by us
  • You can go anywhere in the UK
  • Keeping you on the road
CCM Garages Courtesy Car
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CCM Garages Courtesy Cars and Vans

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