Wynns Automatic Transmission Flush for Gearbox Flushing Services at CCM Garages
Gearbox Flushing Equipment at CCM Garages


At CCM, we have partnered with Wynns Automotive as our chosen supplier for automatic flush treatments and for additives used after a flush and added to your new oil.

Wynns have been at the forefront of additive technologies for over 75 years and operate across the globe solving varied issues for the automotive industry.

Wynn’s additives are chemical treatments that work to improve the way your gearbox oil works, or in the case of an oil flush help to breakdown existing contamination prior to removal of your old gearbox oil.

At the end of a gearbox oil service, we will use the service machine to pump in an additive called an Automatic Transmission Treatment, this product is an oil soluble supplement designed to stop and prevent leaks and to ease and smooth gear change and selection.


At CCM we won’t cut corners when flushing your automatic gearbox oil.

The correct processes and parts come hand in hand with a successful outcome, our reputation relies on us doing the right thing, so that is just what we to do.

By partnering with Wynns, we believe we are passing on a market leading product and process to our customers.

Your car is generally the second most expensive thing you own, so we believe that taking good care of it is essential, our company aims are to work towards the best service processes and equipment leading to the best job at a fair price.


  • Why does the oil need the additive?

    We have asked the same question of the oil suppliers and quite simply they believe that as oil is such a competitive market place they cannot compete when selling gearbox oil with the additives already combined.

  • Can I choose to use a different manufacturer of these treatments?

    Yes!, we have chosen Wynns as they are a trusted brand, but we also work with Forte, BG Products and Wurth.

  • Can I have the gearbox oil service without the treatments?

    Yes, you can have the service without the treatments but we do not recommend that. At CCM we want to do the best job possible and strongly advise the use of the correct chemicals to help us achieve this goal.

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