CCM have an in-house continual training programme for our technicians. We use IMI and other leading training suppliers as well as group knowledge sharing sessions from leading specialists, which we run in-house. Modern motor cars are being developed to higher and more complicated standards every day. At CCM we fully embrace the change and the need to stay up-to-date.

For our specialist automatic gearbox training we are and remain ZF Pro Tech Plus accredited. The majority of modern automatic gearboxes are manufactured by ZF who are the world’s leading manufacturer of this technology.

CCM are a ZF Pro Tech garage which means we have been trained by the manufacturer and have access to information from ZF as well as technical support. Our accreditation and training from ZF also allows us access to the complete part ranges from Sachs, Lemförder and ZF helping us to stay up to date and trained and informed about the latest parts and fitting processes.


  • Latest diagnostic equipment
  • Very experienced staff
  • Specialists in automatic gearboxes
  • Dealer service at local prices
zf pro tech services banner
ZF Logo at CCM Garage Accredited ZF Technicians
ZF Gearbox Removed From Engine at CCM Garage

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