Is it worth flushing or servicing my Automatic Gearbox?
The short answer is YES. All automatic gearbox oil depreciates with time and use. If you are unsure about when yours is due then call us with your registration and mileage and we will happily check for you.

Common Faults:

Shocks or judders experienced during gear change – Due to internal pollution and oil degradation the switching valves in your gearbox will not react fast enough.

Correct gear not being retained – Clogged oil passages causing insufficient oil pressure to maintain gear selection.

Fluctuation RPM – caused by fluctuation oil pressure due to inconsistency of ATF fluid.

Kick-down not working correctly – slow or lazy kickdown is usually attributed to switching valves getting polluted and clogging of the oil ways reducing oil flow.

Slipping and over revving – internal pollution combined with wear, ask are you using ATF fluid?

Increased oil consumption – all of the above can lead to slippage of gears and increased oil consumption as the internal functions of the automatic gear box are restricted and efficiency at the drive train is impeded.

Want to know more about gearbox oil flushing?
Automatic gearbox oil does depreciate with use, all gearboxes have internal filters that will clog and slow oil circulation, this restricted flow of oil can be the root cause of drive-ability and gear change issues.

CCM offer oil flush and change services which include new filters and should be considered as part of regular maintenance.

IMPORTANTLY CCM are also fully equipped with the diagnostic tools to calibrate your gearbox at the end of this routine service. Failure to correctly set up your gearbox on later cars can, and does, cause drive-ability issues. This part of the job is often referred to as ‘resetting the adaptions’

What do we do?
Our investment in the latest gearbox flushing equipment allows us to withdraw the old oil from your car whilst running the gearbox in gear (forward flushing), then add a flushing fluid treatment to break down contamination. Following this clean and drain process we supply and fit new gearbox filters, then add fresh clean oil to a fresh clean gearbox, and the addition of specialist additives to improve gear selection and ongoing gear quality.

Whilst the team at CCM are happy to carry out gearbox oil flushes as part of a routine service process, we do prefer to carry out an initial diagnostic first, especially if your gearbox is encountering performance issues.

What we don’t do!
Often we are told that customers can get their gearbox oil changed for much less money… But beware. Some garages will simply open the drain plug in the base of your gearbox and drain out what usually amounts to about 60% of the old oil, then top up with fresh.

Gearbox Flushing Equipment at CCM Garages
Gearbox Flushing Equipment at CCM Garages


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